Molecor gets the environmental management certification

October 2014
Molecor gets the environmental management certification

Sustainability is a fundamental concept for Molecor’s activity and thus, it is committed to a sustainable production, respecting the environment and preventing pollution, during the manufacture of the TOM© Oriented PVC pipes (PVC-O). It is the most ecological pipe in the market due to its best efficiency, energy savings and to its lower environmental footprint, which contributes effectively to the right sustainable development of the planet

These principles to respect the environment and to prevent pollution, included in the quality and environment policy of the company, and implemented within the Integrated Management System, are endorsed by the Environmental Management Certificate according to the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard awarded to Molecor by the Spanish Association for Standardization (AENOR)

Therefore, Molecor is committed to the compliance with the legal requirements that apply, the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects associated with the activity, the efficient use of resources and the minimization of waste generated in order to achieve the defined environmental objectives

TOM© PVC-O pipes is the best solution for the conveyance of water under pressure due to advantages such as: high impact resistance, greater hydraulic capacity, better performance against water hammer, high chemical resistance, watertightness, lower pressure losses and easy installation so, TOM © pipe  is the tube with the best contribution to the sustainability of the planet, due to the lower energy consumption and the lower emissions of CO2 produced throughout its long life cycle